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  • We’re so hungry - Film

  • W’re so hungry
    The Giant Feast

    Created and realizes by
    _Christophe Evette and Frank Oettgen

    Actors and puppeteers

    • Brahim Ahmadouche
    • Clodmô Baille
    • Dominique Bonnot
    • Yoann Cottet
    • Pauline De Coulhac
    • Christophe Evette
    • Cécile Favale
    • Fleur Marie Fuentes
    • Ali Haddar
    • Benoît Hamelin
    • Yabako Konaté
    • Cédric Lasne
    • Sarah Letouzey
    • Laure Louvat
    • Maurizio Moretti
    • Clarisse Mizrahi
    • Sévanne Sybesma
    • Nicolas Tauveron
    • Raphaële Trugnan
    • Nicolas Vuillier
    • Matisse Wessels

    Puppets, accessories, settings by :
    Fleur Marie Fuentes, Sarah Letouzey,
    Clôdmo Baille, Dominique Bonnot,
    Chloé Bucas, Virginie Chevrier, Yoann Cottet,
    Soumia El Boukhary, Christophe Evette,
    Cécile Favale, Ali Haddar, Guillaume Jover,
    Cédric Lasne, Stephanie Le Bourn,
    Manu Macaigne, Mandarine, Martin Martin,
    Aude Meeschaert, Maurizio Moretti, Frank Oettgen,
    Nicolas Tauveron, Nicolas Vuillier, Matisse Wessels.

    Mamie Kiki, Rozor, Madame Dayac, Petit Bandit, Mafeso,
    Bon Papa, BonneMaman,
    Nanie, Mao, Oncle Jean, Manon et Isidore.

    Table created by
    Jean Martin and Martin Martin.

    Original soundtrack by Johann Riche
    recorded at la Villa Mais d’Ici by Fabien Caron.

    Lighting by Jean Grison.

    Thanks to Patrick Dordoigne, Benoît Hamelin.

    A first version was shown in 2006,
    for the Folies de Maubeuge

    Film by Ménet Nicolas
    Images : Al Kayar Samia, Le Gal Erwan,
    Setier Camille, Askari Hamed
    Technical support: TVbien

    2011© TVbien - Les Grandes Personnes

  • Giant Match - Film

  • GIANT MATCH from Les Grandes Personnes on Vimeo.

    Giant Match
    A Delphine de Blic movie.

    Production: Fireworx Media with L’Institut Français in South Africa et the Grandes Personnes.

    In 2010, Les Grandes Personnes created with about 100 inhabitants of Johannesburg and townships, the giant pupetts show Giant Match: Meet my in-Laws.

    Delphine de Blic’s narrates the first weeks of workshop and the first public apparition of the puppets in eSoweto.

    Delphine de Blic’s website :

  • Ancestors in Aubervillier

  • Ancêtres, voorvaders, antepasados,
    antenati, forefathers, الأجداد…

  • The Red Card - Film

  • The Red Card, is a performance by the Grandes Personnes produisent by the Boulon, centre régional des Arts de la rue in Vieux-Condé for the opening of the new football arena in Valenciennes on July 26 2011.

  • The Balance - Film

  • A film by students of the lycée Super in Saint-Denis

  • By aThread

  • By a Thread tells the story of Odilon’s life, from his birth to his death, by evoking the transmission of anguish and values. The principle behind this interactive and dynamic show is simple and original. An actor hands an object to a first spectator and whispers a fragment of the story, which they then repeat to their neighbour. Thus, the objects start moving and, as they pass, everyone contributes to the epic story of Odilon.

    Creation supported by: Nil Obsrat - Ville de Cergy - Festival Cergy Soit !
    and the Villa Mais d’Ici

  • Ancestors in Grahamstown

  • The Dyeing Dart Frog